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Jameson's Midnight Kitchen

 Midnight Kitchen | Jameson Australia


THIS IDEA was conceived from two simple insights. One: that no matter how you take it, Jameson is always best served with mates. Two: that whiskey is serious business, but shouldn’t be taken too seriously. 


Cut to Jameson’s Midnight Kitchen - a content series dedicated to showcasing the larrikin sprit of Jameson, reflected through some of our best mates (and some of Australia’s most recognisable publicans). 

Shot over one hot-arse day in Newtown, we got Niko & Butters from Leonards House of Love, Luis & Luke from the Wild Rover and Adam & Leroy from Bondi haunt The Stuffed Beaver to show us their best midnight snacks to go alongside a GLASS OF JAMO. You have been warned.